Other Utah Snowmobile Complexes


Fish Lake, Monroe Mtn. The Fishlake and Monroe Mountain Snowmobile Complexes provide access to excellent winter scenery and enjoyable play areas. The rocky crags of Mt. Terrill, the vast expansion of the Fish Lake high-tops and the Sevier Plateau, and the beauty of the Tushar Mountains offer excellent snowmobiling and memorable views. Groomed Trails – 75.5 miles

Three Creeks/ Junction Elevations reach 11,500 feet above sea level, leading to a breathtaking scenic panorama. These trails provide access to winter scenery and enjoyable play areas. Groomed Trails – 32.7 miles


Hardware Ranch, Monte Cristo, Logan Canyon These three snowmobile complexes are some of northern Utah’s unique recreational treasures. Well-groomed snowmobile trails wind through the Wasatch-Cache National Forest providing snowmobiling opportunities that are consistently included in
lists of the west’s top riding areas. Hardware Ranch is a wintering ground for one of Utah’s premier elk herds. Groomed Trails – 184 miles

Wasatch Mountain Parking, restrooms, and designated play areas are provided for snowmobilers using the canyons of the Wasatch Mountains near Midway and American Fork. Groomed Trails – 58 miles

Strawberry, Mirror Lake, Mill Hollow These three snowmobile complexes provide groomed trails traversing the high Uinta Mountains. Perhaps the most attractive feature is the majestic mountain scenery. Adjacent peaks rise to 13,000 feet surrounded by thousands of acres of vast open space. Groomed Trails – over 250 miles

Uintah Basin The Uintah Basin Snowmobile Complex provides easy snowmobile access to the eastern Uinta Mountains, Utah’s highest mountain range. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is located immediately adjacent to the complex. Groomed Trails – 85.4 miles


Cedar Mountain The Cedar Mountain Snowmobile Complex provides snowmobilers with extensive trails in southern Utah’s famous color country. This complex includes trails leading to the spectacular scenery of Cedar Breaks National Monument. Groomed Trails – 80.5 miles

East Fork The East Fork Snowmobile complex includes trails leading to the spectacular scenery of Bryce Canyon National Park, where millions of years of erosion and uplift have created magnificent redrock formations. Access to the complex is via a major trailhead at Ruby’s Inn. Groomed Trails – 23.5 miles