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Road maintenance and noxious weed control in Sanpete County. Department Administrator: Steve Keller Phone: 435-835-6441.

Administrator: Tom Seely   Phone: 435-851-9008

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Notice of Public Meeting: The Sanpete Weed Control Board meetings will be held at 2:00pm at the Forest Office in Ephraim, UT (540 N. Main) on the following 2017 dates:

Jan. 11,   April 12,   July 12,   Nov. 8

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General Notice to Control Noxious Weeds

The Utah Noxious Weed Act, Utah Code Annotated, 4-17-1 et-al, Sec. 7, specifically states, that it is the responsibility of any person who owns or controls land in the State of Utah, to control any noxious weeds growing on such land and to prevent the spread of same by cutting, tillage, cropping, pasturing or treating with chemicals or other effective methods or combination thereof, approved by the County Weed Control Supervisor, and as often as may be required to prevent the weed from blooming and maturing seeds or spreading by root, root stalks or other means.

When the land owner or person in possession of property within Sanpete County, upon which noxious weeds are present, fails to control or prevent their growth and spread, the County Weed Control Supervisor, or any member of the County Weed Board, has the prerogative to notify the property owner that their property can, and may be declared a Public Nuisance. Five days after your property has been declared a Public Nuisance, the County may, after reasonable notification, enter the property without your consent, and perform any work necessary, consistent with sound weed prevention and control practices, to control the weeds.

Any expense incurred by the County in effecting the control of said noxious weeds shall be charged to you, and any expenses which remain unpaid 90 days after being assessed shall become a lien on the property and shall be collectable by the County Treasurer at the time of collection of the general taxes.


The Following are Declared to be Noxious Weeds in Sanpete County

Russian Knapweed Buffalo Bur Dyer Woad Spotted Knapweed
Yellow / Dalmatian Toad Flax   Musk Thistle Scotch Thistle Pictures
Squarrose Knapweed Houndstongue   Canada Thistle
Whitetop/Hoary Cress Curly Dock Perenial Pepperweed
Burdock (Wild Morning Glory) Black Henbane Difuse Knapweed


How to Tackle Noxious Weeds in Your Community

The following weeds are officially designed and published as noxious for the State of Utah, as per the authority vested in the Commissioner of Agriculture under Section 4-17-3, Utah Noxious Weed Act. Suggestions for effective chemical treatment are:

Noxious Weed Effective Chemical Treatment
Bindweed (Wild Morning-Glory)       Roundup, Escort, Tordon 22K, Paramount, WeedMaster
Broad-leaved Peppergrass WeedMaster
Canada Thistle Tordon 22K, Roundup, Milestone, Weemaster
Diffuse Knapweed Tordon 22K, 2-4D, Milestone, WeedMaste
Dyers Woad 2-4D, WeedMaster, Telar
Perenniel Sorghum Roundup, WeedMaster
Leafy Spurge Tordon 22K, WeedMaster
Medusahead Roundup, Krovar, Atrex
Musk Thistle Tordon 22K, Milestone, Telar, Escort, WeedMaster
Russian Knapweed Milestone, Tordon 22K, Roundup, Telar
Scotch Thistle WeedMaster, Tordon 22K
Spotted Knapweed 2-4 D, Milestone
Squarrose Knapweed Milestone, Curtail, Tordon 22K, Grazon
Whitetop Patriot, Escort
Yellow Star Thistle Ester, Tordon 22K, WeedMaster
  • 2-4D Most effective when applied when plant first rises or is in the rosette stage
  • Tordon 22K and Grazon require chemical certification to purchase and use.