Mount Pleasant City, Utah

Mt. Pleasant, Utah


Settled the first time in 1852 when a few pioneers left Manti and settled on the Sanpitch River west of the present site of Mt. Pleasant. Due to problems with the Indians, the settlers left and went back to Ephraim, where they stayed until 1859 when they returned and settled the present site. They first named the town after Madison D. Habbleton, but he fell out of favor, and the settlement was renamed Pleasant Creek. During this time, it was the site of the signing of the peace treaty to end the Black Hawk War. Yet the town changed names once again, and the final name, Mt. Pleasant, has stuck for more than 100 years.

In the 1890’s Mt. Pleasant could claim more liberal organizations and saloons than any other settlement in the county. In 1875 a Presbyterian minister came to town and started to teach school. This was the start of the Wasatch Academy, the oldest continually operating secondary school in Utah. The campus of Wasatch is today listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as is the Mt. Pleasant Main Street.


Mt. Pleasant City Hall: 115 West Main, Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647     Phone: 435-462-2456

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