Moroni City, Utah

Moroni is a Small Town with Big Industry!

High water in 1862 forced the town’s founders to move the town away from the river site. City Hall: 80 S. 200 W., Moroni, UT 84646 Phone: 435-436-8359.

Moroni City, Utah


Moroni was settled by families from Nephi in 1859, but it had a real identity crisis. It went through the names Sanpitch, Mego, Little Rome, and Duck Springs before Sanpete’s first probate judge named it Moroni City after a Nephite Prophet in The Book of Mormon.

Moroni sits midway between Nephi and Manti on the most pronounced “North Bend” of the San Pitch River. Families from Nephi moved there early in 1859. High water in 1862 forced the town’s founders to move away from the river site and spread north over the rolling hills, a setting best seen when approaching Moroni from the south. For water, they tapped the San Pitch farther east with an intricate and expensive system of canals and ditches that stretched from Mt. Pleasant to Fountain Green’s south fields. Reaching out in all directions, the city was big enough by 1891 to support an “opera house” that seated 1,000 persons.


Moroni City Hall: 80 S 200 W, Moroni, UT 84646     Phone: 435-436-8359

Moroni is famous for Pitman Farms turkey plant, one of the largest employers in the county and produces turkey under the NORBEST label. As a by-product made from the rich turkey droppings, Nutri-Mulch has fast become one of the nation’s best compost mixes. It is used in commercial flowerbeds and gardens throughout the country.

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Moroni Opera House


The Moroni Opera House and Dinner Theater is a restored historical building and is host to many interactive fun plays and operas; it’s also a first class wedding reception center.