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Hunt the Scenic Canyons of Utah


The Manti-LaSal National Forest in Central Utah is known for great wildlife and hunting. From the steep pine canyons and open high country basins to the juniper/sage lowlands, Sanpete caters to all types of hunting. Home to great elk, mule deer, bear, mountain lion, turkey and many other bird species, Sanpete has something for everyone. Additional information about hunting in Sanpete can be obtained from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.
Photo Location: Mayfield Canyon

Sanpete is also a great place to ATV, Rock Climb, Fish, Bike, Horseback Ride, Golf, Snowkite, and Snowmobile.

Utah Elk Hunting


Sanpete is home to the famous Manti-Lasal National Forest and boasts one of the largest elk herds in the state of Utah. A big bull elk tag is a very coveted and highly sought after by hunters and is only obtained through the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources draw system.

There are other opportunities to hunt elk as yearling (spike) bull tags are available over-the-counter to both resident and non-resident hunters. Cow elk tags can also be obtained through the draw system. The Utah archery state record non-typical elk was taken in 2004 off the Manti unit. Trophy bulls continue to be harvested every year.

Bull taken 9/15/08 in Ephraim Canyon Willow Creek area, Sanpete County, Utah

Elk Hunting Photos

Mule Deer Hunting


Mule deer are a common site traveling through Central Utah, especially through the winter months as the low country is prime winter range to the migrating mule deer herds.

Although the area is not managed for trophy mule deer, good bucks are taken each year. Expect to hunt hard while you enjoy the beautiful country Sanpete has to offer.

Where to Shoot a Deer

Stock Photograph provided by King’s Outdoor World. (location unknown)

Mountain Lion Hunting


Know the Cougar!! Cougars are the largest of North America’s wild cats. The cougar is the second best jumper of the large cats, jumping distances up to 20 feet. In Utah it is ILLIGAL to hunt a young cougar with spots or an adult accompanied by a young cougar. Be sure you can identify the age and sex of a cougar.

Cougar limited-entry permit Available only through the state’s draw. It allows you to pursue and take a cougar on a specific limited-entry area, during a specified season.

Cougar harvest objective permit Allows you to pursue and take a cougar on any harvest objective hunting unit until the season ends or the unit’s harvest objective has been met. Not available to those who drew a limited-entry permit.

Cougar pursuit permits are valid for 365 days but can only be used in a hunting unit during its pursuit season dates. Allows you to pursue a cougar; it does not allow you to kill a cougar.

Cougar Hunting Photos

Black Bear Hunting


The Black Bear is Utah’s largest predator. There are three Black Bear permits available:

Pursuit Permit: Allows you to pursue, but not kill and can be purchased at any DWR office or online.

Limited-entry Permit: Allows the kill of one black bear with any legal weapon and is issued through a draw system. You are required to complete a bear orientation course before you can receive this permit.

Limited-entry Archery Permit: Allows one black bear kill to be taken with archery tackle and is also issued through a draw system. Make sure your archery tackle meets the requirements for Utah hunters.

Bear Hunting Photos

Pheasant Hunting


Utah has within its borders 13 species of birds classed as upland game. There are strict rules and regulations on upland game hunting. Baiting and spotlighting is illegal. You may NOT hunt by baiting or with artificial light. Some counties restrict the hunting of some birds and some counties, such as Sanpete, have extended hunting for Pheasants. Please download the Upland Game Guidebook for all the rules, regulations, drawing and hunting times. You must purchase a license:

Hunting License allows you to hunt small game, including upland game and waterfowl.

Combination License allows you to fish and hunt small game in Utah as well as receiving a price break.

Photo: Pheasant Run Outfitters

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Hunting Clubs and Guides

Pheasant Run Outfitters in Fayette

Pheasant Run Outfitters

Website: Click Here

Address: 3 miles west of Fayette, Fayette, UT 84630

Phone: (801) 420-1867

Pines Ranch Outfitters in Fairview

Pines Ranch Outfitters

Website: Click Here

Address: HC 13 - Box 460, Fairview, UT 84629

Phone: (435) 427-9592