Hanging Tree 4x4 Trail

Location: Axhandle Canyon- Ephraim, Utah

Extreme 4WD Rock Crawling


Hanging Tree 4X4 Trail Map     Difficulty Rating 5.0

Trailhead: N39.41031 W111.69563   Altitude: 6,109

Trail summit: N39.40970 W111.74298   Altitude: 7,370

Grid: Decimal Degrees: Lat/Lon hddd.ddddd

This is an extreme 4WD trail- a high level of 4×4 driving skill is required. Front and rear lockers, large tires with agressive tread, and a winch are HIGHLY recommended, along with spare parts and friends to help you out. This trail has ROCKS, STEPS, WATERFALLS, and MUD. The trail may be impassable. Vehicle damage and personal injury is possible. Extreme caution necessary!

The Hanging Tree Trail begins on Public Land (BLM), but the property at the top of the trail is private. Plan to return down the trail. Please help keep this trail open and respect the landowner’s property. Do not litter or vandalize private property!