Enterprise Zones in Sanpete

Designated Enterprise Zones in Sanpete:

Sanpete County

County Enterprise Zones include all unincorporated areas that are designated commercial or industrial. See Zoning Map.

Sanpete County Zoning Map

Gunnison City

The Gunnison City Enterprise Zone includes CC-1 and R&C-1 Zones, as well as parts of the City Industrial Park north of U.S. Highway 89.

Gunnison Enterprise Zone Map

Ephraim City

The Ephraim City Enterprise Zone includes all areas of the city.

Ephraim Enterprise Zone

Mt. Pleasant City

The Mt. Pleasant Enterprise Zone includes all general commercial, modified commercial, historic commercial, light industrial and medium industrial zones as indicated on the Mt. Pleasant Land Use Map.

Mt. Pleasant Zoning Map

Moroni City

The Moroni City Enterprise Zone includes the city’s commercial and manufacturing zones.

Moroni Zoning Map

Manti City

The Manti City Enterprise Zone includes the city’s commercial and industrial zones.

Manti Zoning Map