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Economic information, statistics, business incentives, site selection. Kevin Christensen, PO Box 148, 191 North Main, Manti, UT 84642 Phone: 435-835-4321

1.8 Million Customers within a 2 Hour Radius of Sanpete Valley!

Here you will find economic information, statistics, business incentives, site selection, etc.

  • Sanpete County Economic Development:
  • Kevin Christensen
  • PO Box 148 191 North Main
  • Manti, UT 84642
  • Phone: 435-835-4321

NOTICE: HUNDREDS of Snow College Students looking for Work
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Economic Development Map

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah have launched an interactive economic development map at LOCATE.UTAH.GOV. The map highlights Broadband, Utilities, Transportation, Workforce, and Lifestyle Resources.


Fountain Green147026
Mt. Pleasant305546
Proximity to Major US Cities:
Provo- nearest metro1.25 hrs73 mi
Salt Lake City1.9 hrs115 mi
Las Vegas5 hrs338 mi
Denver7.2 hrs485 mi
Phoenix8.5 hrs549 mi
Albuquerque9 hrs559 mi
Los Angeles8.7 hrs606 mi
Portland12.6 hrs880 mi
Seattle13.6 hrs953 mi

Online Distribution: 1-2 day UPSFedEx Ground Transit from zip code 84627 to most of the western U.S. (Parcel cost and transit times are comparable to SLC Metro)

SLC International2 hrs122 mi
Provo- PVU1.4 hrs77 mi
Manti-Ephraim- 5,021’6 min.3.4 mi

Labor Force Information:

Labor ForceEmployedUnemployedRate
Historical DataPop. Growth
Percent of Resident Workers Leaving the County to Work:
Sanpete CountyState AverageHigh-Low Counties
20.7%18.1%64.5% Morgan, 3.6% Grand

Education & Training:

High School Diploma: Utah 92%, Sanpete 89.7%
College Degree: Sanpete County 30.8%
College Experience or Degree: Sanpete 61.9%

Snow College/ Higher Education:
Employee Training Programs:

Right to Work State:

Utah’s labor force union affiliation is low. Utah has the third lowest unionization rate in the country at 3.9 percent as a right-to-work state.

Manufacturing & Wholesale Businesses

Taxes, Incentives, & Government:

Utah has relatively low taxes, compared to other states in the Nation.
Utah Tax Rates
Available Incentives
Government Bond Ratings: State of Utah- AAA, Sanpete County- A3


Electricity:Among the most affordable electricity in the nation, with rates roughly half of California’s. The proposed Blue Castle Project, located about 75 miles to the east, will provide renewable nuclear power for the future.

Natural Gas is available throughout the Sanpete Valley.

Broadband Providers:

Redundant Fiber Connections are available throughout the area.

Utah Broadband Map

Cellular Providers:

Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile. (Sprint-Limited)

Permitting and Available Property:

Permitting Process Building Permits take about 2 weeks to process.
Commercial Properties Available
Other Properties for Lease or Sale
Lease Rates: 10-20% less in Rural areas of Utah
Ephraim City Industrial Land

Investment Groups:

Angel and Venture Capital in Utah

Quality of Life:

Top 6% Natural Amenities Index ranking
- a measure of the physical characteristics of a county area that enhance the location as a place to live: mild, sunny winters, temperate summers, low humidity, topographic variation, and access to a body of water.

Cost of Living: less than the national average
Low Crime Rate , State Comparisons
Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, Physicians, Dentists, Therapy, Pharmacy…
Median Home Value: Sanpete County $174,000; Utah $256,700; US $204,900
Average Annual Property Taxes, by county
Housing Availability
Public School Review
Population Density/sq mile: Sanpete Co. 17.5 vs. Salt Lake Co. 1,387. Room to Expand!
Population within 2 hour drive: 1.8 Million+ People.
Median Age: 29.8 years old, USA 37.4 years old.
Political Affiliation: Republican 54.5%, Democrat 4.7%, Unaffiliated 34.4%, Other 6.4%
Churches: LDS, Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, & non-denominational Christian.


Mean Travel Time to Work (minutes):
Sanpete County- 20.6, Salt Lake County- 22.2, U.S.- 26.6
Traffic Congestion: None Statewide Traffic Volume Map
Workers 16 & Over that Worked at Home:
Sanpete County- 6%, Salt Lake County- 4.4%, Utah- 4.8%



Climate: Daytime Temperature: Summer 80-88 F, Winter 35-40 F.
Annual Precipitation: Valley- 13", Mountains- 23+".
Sunny/Partly Sunny Days: 62+%.
Average Relative Humidity: 55 (SLC).
Terrain: Sanpete Valley (elevation 5,500 ft) is surrounded by mountains and National Forest reaching 11,285 ft at the highest peak.
Water: Culinary water and reservoirs are fed by mountain snowpack, springs, and streams.
Natural Disaster Risks: LOW.
Air Quality: Unclassifiable Area- insufficient data to designate attainment or non-attainment.

Natural Resources:

Regional Natural Resources: Coal, Timber, Limestone, Salt, Gas, & Gypsum.
Utah Coal Production, 2014: 17,934,000 Short Tons.


Turkey Production: 100+ Million lbs. Annually
Alfalfa Production, 2012: 162,000 tons
Barley Production, 2012: 155,000 tons
Sheep Inventory, 2012: 66,000
Cattle Inventory, 2012: 53,000 Milk Cows: 8,700
Land in Farms: 311,551 acres.

Utah Agriculture Overview

Additional Information:

Area Sector Analysis Process- 2017

ASAP is a strategic planning model designed especially for rural or growing metro counties in the Western United States. The ASAP model helps communities determine industries that are both desirable for local residents and compatible with industry needs.

Targeted Industry Sectors:
33299A Guns & Ammunition Manufacturing
33641A Aircraft, Engine & Parts Manufacturing
541513 IT Industry