Utah ATV & OHV Trails

ATV trail guides and map of the Arapeen Trail, located 2 hours south of Salt Lake City. Trails are side-by-side friendly with hundreds of miles of OHV riding.

Everything you need for the BUCKET LIST OHV ride of your life!

“This is ATV Heaven!”. Steve Brown, Inside the Outdoors

The Famed Arapeen OHV Trail!

“We had a blast riding in a wonderful OHV riding area. The beauty and challenging trails blew us away. You have a gem there”. G. Biggs, San Diego, CA

Why the Arapeen Trail? It’s Enormous- Over 350,000 acres of National Forest on the Manti Mountain, Hundreds of miles of trail, Side by Side Friendly, Ride from your Motel or Campsite, Aspen & Pine Forests, Lakes, Scenic Views, Wildlife, Fishing, Geocaches, & FUN! Don’t Ride in a Park, Ride the Arapeen!

“I … have found this trail system to be one of the most beautiful rides I have been on. You can take short rides or go all day long. Connecting with towns that let you use city streets to access gas and goodies is very convenient.” Linda, Riverton, UT

The popular Utah Arapeen ATV Trail System, located 2 hours south of Salt Lake City, Utah on Highway 89, is a great family trail with plenty of advanced sections for experienced riders. It’s a great place to ride if you want to avoid the crowded canyons closer to the city. The Arapeen Trail can be accessed from one of seven canyons in the Sanpete Valley. “The trail is fabulous. Our entire family loves it.” Ed, Sandy, UT

You can access the trails from the towns of Fairview, Mt. Pleasant, Spring City, Ephraim, Manti, Sterling, and Mayfield. " We had a tremendous good time riding the trails of Arapeen. The eight of us spent five days riding. We used a different small town each day to base out of." Steve, Twin Falls, ID

“We spent 5 days riding your trails, best time ever- great lodging, great food, coming back soon… two very happy couples.” Larry, Victorville, CA

All the trails and settlements are interconnected. You can ride up a canyon from one community, travel along the “Skyline” at the top of the mountain, and then descend another canyon to explore a different community. “I love how most of the trails connect to others, with few dead ends.” Adam, South Jordan, UT

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Although only 600 miles of trail have been designated as the Arapeen Trail System, there are more than 1,000 miles of forest trail in the Central Utah area.

“We all would like to see more of the Arapeen trail system, you just can't see it all in any one visit.” Dennis, Redding, CA

The ATV trail system ascends from 6,000 to 10,000 feet (1,829 to 3,048 meters) through aspen and pine forests of the Manti-LaSal National Forest and includes the “Skyline Drive” and trails branching off from it.

Skyline Drive is a mountain road that winds for over 100 miles along the spine of the Wasatch Plateau and is perhaps one of the highest roads in the nation. While traveling Skyline Drive you can often see down both sides of the mountain.

“The views from the top looking into the valleys are amazing.” Don, Las Vegas, NV

Some routes are passable only by ATVs, UTVs, or Dirt Bikes; others can be traveled in a high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicle. The majority of the trails are open to OHV's of all sizes, but some trails have a 50" width restriction. The Arapeen OHV Trail Map highlights all the routes and shows which routes have width restrictions. All ATV and OHV trails are open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. On your ride look for Deer, Elk, and other mountain wildlife. Be sure not to miss the colorful summer wildflowers ! Photo Location: 12-Mile Canyon

One of the things I appreciate about the Arapeen system is the diversity. You have everything from roads to trails with great technical sections. The black/expert trails are what keeps me coming back. The amount of riding out of a central area is great. This last summer we camped in a dispersed camping area near 12-mile flat. We never had to trailer, we rode over 300 miles from our campsite."_ Stan, ID “The trails were super organized and it was hard to get lost. It was spectacular riding with awesome vistas. We rode to grassy lake and camped there for the night and caught us some fish for breakfast. It couldn't have been a better trip. I wish they had a trail system like this up in Eastern Idaho.” Kevin, Rexburg, ID

The National Forest is also a great place to camp, fish, hunt, and rock climb. Primitive backcountry camping is allowed along the Arapeen Trail, so find a nice location in a grove of trees and set up camp. Motor vehicle use off of designated roads and trails for the purpose of dispersed camping is permitted for up to 150 feet from the centerline of the road or trail.

Non-resident OHV Permits

Owners of OHVs, brought into Utah by non-residents, will need a non-resident permit for their machine. Purchase online at Utah State Parks or locally at:

Authorized Vendor: Address City Phone  
Maverik 89 North Main Ephraim (425) 283-6057  
Maverik 15 North Main Gunnison (435) 528-7713  

“We drove out from California and had a great time on the Arapeen trails. We had more fun on the Arapeen then on the Paiute.” R. Chambers

Utah OHV Riding Rules & Regulations

To drive an ATV on public lands in Utah you must be at least 8 years of age. Riders between the age of 8 and 15 must obtain an OHV Education Certificate issued by the Utah State Parks and Recreation or comparable from their home state. Riders 16 years of age or older must have either a drivers license or an approved education certificate. Online Education Course

Under 18, Public Streets: All riders younger than 18, riding on a public highway not limited to OHV use, must be under the direct supervision of someone 18 years of age or older. Supervisors must be within 300 feet, have visual contact, and be able to advise or assist the rider.
Helmets: A properly fastened helmet is required for all Type 1 ATV and off-road motorcycle riders under the age of 18.
Environment: Travel ONLY on designated roads and trails. Do no travel cross-country. It is illegal for anyone to operate an OHV in a way that damages the environment, including, air, land, water, watershed, plant, or animal life.
Utah OHV Law Highlights
“I ride the trails with my daughter every year and the whole system never ceases to amaze me. The scenery, the fishing, the camping, and the trails themselves are incredible. The trail advisory symbols on most trails help us decide which ones to take and which ones may be a bit much for us. I can never say enough about the Arapeen trail system, it's my heaven on earth.” Rita, West Jordan, UT

Can I ride my OHV on Local City Streets?

Yes, you can ride your ATV right from your Motel up the canyon on city streets! There are two rules, however, you need to follow: 1. Keep your speed to 15 MPH or less, & 2. You can't ride down Main Street. It is illegal to ride on a state highway unless your machine is street legal. Also, all roads owned, maintained, or operated by Sanpete County are open to general off-highway vehicle use.

“It's nice to go to a place where the towns welcome your business and nobody gives you the evil eye when you drive your RZR through town.” Shaye, Stansbury Park, UT
“You can ride the trails right from your MOTEL or CAMPGROUND "

Arapeen Trail Climate- What to Wear

Even when it is HOT in the valley, the temperature can be CHILLY at the top of the mountain. Please be prepared by bringing appropriate clothing, i.e. warm jacket, gloves, and hat. Trail Elevation: 5,800 – 10,897 ft.
Riding Season: June 21 – October 15. Trails over 10,000' open about July 1st Best Time to Ride: July 1-October 1 Best Time for Fall Leaves: September 20-October 1 Fairview Canyon Web Cameras

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Skyline Potter's Ponds   Difficulty: Easy   Miles: 55 (July-Oct) Trailhead: Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, or Spring City. This OHV trail passes Huntington Reservoir, Miller Flat Reservoir, and Potter's Ponds before looping back along Skyline Drive. A great ATV ride if you like to fish along the way.

Horseshoe Mountain Summit   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 43 (July-Oct) Trailhead: Ephraim. This OHV route passes Horseshoe Mountain along Skyline Drive and descends the eastern side of the plateau past Grassy Lake. Soup Bowl and Pete's Hole Reservoirs are nearby.

Patton Trail Duck Fork   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 27-37 (June-Oct) Trailhead: Manti. The lower route rides Middle and North Fork Canyons, while the higher route loops by Cove and Duck Fork Reservoirs. Parts of this ATV trail have a 50" width restriction.

Beaver Creek Henningson   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 33-38 (July-Oct) Trailhead: Mayfield. This loop ATV ride heads up the Beaver Creek Road and connects with Skyline Drive at Gunnison Valley. There are several lakes in the area if you like to fish. The route heads north and returns to Mayfield via 12-Mile Canyon Road.


Skyline Loop 2-Day Ride   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 121 (July-Oct) This OHV route begins in Mt. Pleasant, overnights in Ephraim, and then returns to Mt. Pleasant. Contact the Forest Service before booking motels to verify Skyline Drive is open. (435) 283- 4151

High Top Loop 2-Day Ride   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 120 (July-Oct) This OHV route begins in Sterling, overnights in Manti, and then returns to Sterling. Contact the Forest Service before booking motels to verify Skyline Drive is open. (435) 283- 4151

Arapeen Trail 4-Day Circuit Ride   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 220 (July-Oct) This OHV route ends in a different town every night. Contact the Forest Service before booking motels to verify Skyline Drive is open. (435) 283- 4151


North Skyline Fish Creek   Difficulty: Easy   Miles: 55 (June-Oct) A very scenic and enjoyable ATV ride at an altitude of over 9,000 feet. North Skyline Drive is a maintained gravel mt. road and is great for inexperienced OHV riders.


Fred's Flat Loop   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 16-28 (June-Oct) A fun ATV loop that heads up New Canyon, cuts across Fred's Flat and Left-Land Fork road, and then returns to Ephraim on the Main Canyon road. Advise: Dangerous Creek Crossing in June.

Sanpitch Mountain   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 39-43 (June-Oct) This ATV route heads up Wales Canyon and follows the spine of the Sanpitch Mountains south before looping back to the valley.

Ephraim Spring City Loop   Difficulty: Easy   Miles: 53 (July-Oct) This OHV ride heads up Ephraim Canyon, follows Skyline Drive north and descends down Spring City Canyon. The ride back to Ephraim is about 13 miles on OHV legal county roads.

Bald Mountain Loop   Difficulty: Advanced   Miles: 19 (June-Oct) Great View of Sanpete Valley. This ATV ride heads up the face of Bald Mt. and drops off into Willow Creek. The ride joins the Ephraim Canyon Road near Lake Hill Campground.

Hanging Tree Trail: 4WD Crawling   Difficulty: Very Extreme   (June-Oct)


Manti Mountain Willow Creek   Difficulty: Advanced   Miles: 42 (June-Oct) This OHV ascends the Manti face and connects to the Ephraim Canyon Road via Willow Creek. After reaching Skyline Drive the ride heads south and returns to Manti via Lowery Fork.

Sheep Trail Loop   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 23 (June-Oct) This OHV ride begins on the historic Sheep Trail route before pasing Burnt Hill Flat. The route intersects Middle Fork Canyon and returns to Manti via North Fork.


Palisade Ferron   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 40-47 (July-Oct) From Palisade State Park, this trail heads up 6-Mile Canyon to Skyline Drive. The trail then heads north and loops back to Sterling town via North Fork, Arapeen OHV Trail #38. The extended ride on this map has a 50" width restriction- Arapeen Trail #72.

Heliotrope Mountain   Difficulty: Easy   Miles: 72 (July-Oct) This OHV ride heads up 6-Mile Canyon and loops around the south side of Heliotrope Mt. before passing Ferron Reservoir. At Skyline Drive the trail goes north and heads down Manti Canyon.

Funk Canyon Mt Musinia   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 28-39 (June-Oct) This OHV trail heads up Funk Canyon and eventually connects to 12-Mile Canyon Road. The route loops back to Sterling via North Hollow and crosses 2 State Wildlife Management Areas.


Log & Maple Canyons   Difficulty: Moderate   Miles: 25-36 (July-Oct) This OHV trail goes up Log Hollow to the top of the Sanpitch Mountains. You will ride the spine of the range and can descent either Maple or Wales Canyon.

Big Hollow Loop   Difficulty: Easy   Miles: 23 (May-Nov) This low elevation OHV route is ideal to ride in the early spring when most of the other routes are still closed with snow. The highest elevation on the ride is 7,425'


Yuba State Park OHV Trails Map   (May-Nov) This map shows OHV routes that can be ridden from Yuba State Park in the Valley Mountains west of Gunnison, Utah.

Northern Gooseberry ATV Trails   (June-Oct) This trail map shows how to ride from the Arapeen OHV Trail System to the Paiute ATV Trail.

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Area ATV Pictures

ATV Jamboree, July & September 2020


Bring family and friends and ride the Arapeen OHV Trail System- one of the most scenic mountain trails in Utah. ATV/ UTV riders will see pristine vistas, courtesy of local guides, on intermediate and advanced trails. OHV trails run from an altitude of 5,600ft. to over 10,000 feet.

Manti Mountain ATV Run Website

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