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Information to assist you with your 4th grade school report on Sanpete County.

The following information will assist you with your School Report on Sanpete County:

VIDEOS OF SANPETE   How Did Sanpete Get Its Name?

4th Grade Information Packet


Download a 16 page brochure about Sanpete County for your school report. (Large File- 5.54 MB)

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Sanpete Turkey Information


Sanpete BBQ Turkey Recipe

Sanpete Outdoor Recreation Map

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Prominent People

The following is a list of Prominent People who have a connection to Sanpete County:

Chief Colorow Ignacio Ouray Walkara (ca. 1808-1855) – a leader of a Ute Timpanogo band.
Isaac Morley (1786-1865) – considered the founder of Manti, Utah.
Shadrach Roundy (1789-1874) – early settler of Utah.
Welcome Chapman (1805-1893) – helped colonize the Sanpete Valley.
Orson Hyde (1805-1878) – LDS Church Apostle.
Dan Jones_ (1810-1862) – Pioneer, Missionary, Mayor of Manti.
John Williams Gunnison (1812-1853) – Military Officer/Explorer. Town of Gunnison named after.
Cyrus H. Wheelock (1813-1894) – Author of the Hymn “Ye Elders of Israel”.
William Harrison Folsom (1815-1901) – Designed the Manti LDS Temple
Canute Peterson (1824-1902) – Founder of Snow College.
Matt Warner (1864-1938) – Wild Bunch Outlaw.
Willaim Fowler (1830-1865) – Author of the Hymn “We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet”.
Anthon H. Lund (1844-1921) – LDS Church Apostle.
Jacob Johnson (1847-1925) – US Representative.
Anthony C. Lund 1871-1935) – Director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Leonard B. Jordan (1899-1983) – Governor and United States Senator from Idaho.
Thorpe B. Isaacson (1898-1970) – LDS Church First Presidency.
ElRay L. ChristiansenLDS Church, Assistant to the 12.
A. Theodore Tuttle (1921- 1986) – LDS General Authority.
Ed Roth (1932-2001) – an artist and cartoonist who created the hot-rod icon Rat Fink.
Gerald N. LundLDS Author- The Work and The Glory Series.
F. Michael Watson- LDS General Authority and Secretary to the LDS First Presidency.
Mike Lookinland – an actor on The Brady Bunch.
Bronco Mendenhall – Former Defensive Coordinator at Snow College; Past BYU Head Coach.
Junior Ioane – a National Football League defensive tackle.
Kayla Barclay- 2008 Miss Utah