Ole Arilsen House


Completed about 1880, this one-and-one-half-story, cream brick home is an excellent example of local folk vernacular design influenced by the Gothic Revival. The steeply-pitched front gable and vertical emphasis of the design composition derive from Gothic styling. The well-preserved house has an unusual side passage entry and two, one-story side wings. The original porch is intact, including the trim and balcony, giving the second story door a place to go. The two end-wall chimneys and wood shingles remain, making this a fine example of unaltered, late pioneer era architecture.

Ole Arilsen came from Denmark in 1862. Arilsen participated in the Black Hawk War. A farmer, sometimes carpenter and laborer, Ole acquired this lot in 1877 from Samuel Whitten. One interesting fact about Ole Arilsen was his participation in the Socialist Party of America. The SPA was active in Sanpete County in the 1900-1915 period and Arilsen served as party secretary in 1901.

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300 East 100 North
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647



Ole Arilsen House