Niels Ole Anderson House


Niels and Josephine Anderson built this home in about 1868. One of the first Ephraim houses made of fired brick, it was initially a one-and-one-half story, two-room structure with an unfinished “sleeping attic.” A small saltbox, lateral addition is dated 1880-1882. This home features Federal/Greek Revival detailing of the cornice, porch, doors and windows. Two colors of brick dentils trim add interest to the gable-end cornices. A replica of the house was built as part of the state’s Living Legacy project at “This Is The Place” State Park’s “Old Deseret” village in Salt Lake.

The Anderson’s were Mormon converts from Sweden who later expanded this home to make room for their nine children. Niels Anderson was a farmer who gained a reputation as a Utah story-teller and folklorist. He personally knew the local Ute chiefs Black Hawk, Arapeen Sanpitch and Tabby. The house was selected as a Utah Centennial Commission Legacy Project.

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306 South 100 East
Ephraim, UT 84627



Niels Ole Anderson House