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The most impressive of the historic buildings in Sanpete is the Manti Temple. Constructed between 1879-88 of oolite stone quarried in the mountain behind the Temple. William H. Folsom was the architect and superintendent, with Edward L. parry as master mason and William Asper as chief carpenter and interior designer. This edifice is 172 feet long and 92 feet wide, while 79 feet high to the square with towers at each end, the east one being the tallest at 179 feet. The walls are 3 feet 6 inches thick at the base and feature 4-foot-thick, tapering buttresses. The style is eclectic, with Gothic, Romanesque and French Second Empire design elements. The French-styled tower roofs are espicially elegant and appear on no other Mormon temple. The lavish interior includes two 95 foot tall wooden, spiral staircases. These open center spiral staircases are a miracle of 19th Century engineering and are extremely rare, and beautiful. The staircases wind up each of the towers and have no support columns.

The temple stands at the north entrance to Manti City and serves as the backdrop for the annual Mormon Miracle Pageant.

It is said that Brigham Young told Warren S. Snow that the Temple Hill was the spot where Book of Mormon Prophet Moroni dedicated the land for a temple site.

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Manti Temple Manti Temple