Moroni Historic Opera House


Built in 1891 by two local businessmen, Mons Monson and T.J. Morley, the Opera House is built of native stone, adobe and brick. The building measures 35 feet by 83 feet and retains much of its original architectural composition. The large performing stage at the south end was constructed of wood and measured 35 feet by 25 feet. Directly in front of the stage was an orchestra pit. The main floor was said to have seated 1,000 people. Original tall doors and windows grace the front facade. It is the oldest public building in Moroni and one of two surviving opera houses from the 19th century Utah. Townsfolk cut pine trees and sold them to pay actors and cover admission to shows. It was also used as a place for town meeting and political events. Live performances ceased in 1915. By 1930 it was converted to a Monson Flour Mill; from the 1940’s to 1989 it was used for storage.

The Opera House has been restored by the Moroni Heritage Development committee and is used for social and cultural events.

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325 West Main Street
Moroni, UT 84646

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Moroni Historic Opera House