John Patten DUP Museum


Museum Hours: During the Mormon Miracle Pageant the museum is open from 10 am to 8 pm. The 24th of July it is open all day. The rest of the year the museum is open by appointment only.

Call for an appointment:
Darlene-435-851-0012; Ruby-435-340-0024; Shana Colbren- 435-813-2075; Camille Larsen- 435-851-0869; Carolyn Newton- 435-835-3838.

Built in 1854 by John Patten, this home was lived in continuously until 1975 when it became a museum maintained by the Manti Daughters of Utah Pioneers. The main portion of the house represents the earliest and most primitive form of stone masonry construction in pioneer Utah. The walls were laid in coursed rubble using crude mud mortar.

John Patten assisted in building the first fort in Manti and was witness to the 1855 peace treaty with the Ute Indians. He served in the Territorial Legislature and was also the Sheriff of the county and a member of the City Council. He was a successful farmer. He built the Patten Reservoir and Patten Ditch, an irrigation system still in use which conveys water to farm land five miles north of Manti. After the death of his first wife Candace Smith, Patten married her sister Emily.

Contact: Ruby Stull


300 North 100 West
Manti, UT 84642

Phone: 435-340-0024


John Patten DUP Museum John Patten DUP Museum