Reid H. Allred


The southeast portion of this home was a one-room frame cabin constructed in 1884. The remainder was built in 1931. William Scott, an early freighter, resided here, however, it may have been built by Robert Blain (1843-1926), another occupant. The house was sold to Peter A. Hansen (1875-1926) in 1898, then to Isaac Pratt Allred (1879-1965)in 1901, and mortgaged to Wayne Nunley in 1915. Reid H.(1891-1970)and Libbie Allred (1892-1984)bought this house after their marriage, enlarging it and raising their family here. Reid was a local teacher, principal and LDS bishop.

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94 West 100 North
Spring City, UT 84662



Reid H. Allred