Sarah J. McKinney House


The first owner of this home was Sarah J. McKinney, who purchased the two lots in 1870 for $5.50. The home was built in two phases between 1870 and 1890. Downstairs rooms still have the origanal high ceilings and all rooms have original woodwork and doors. Sarah McKinney was divorced from her husband Henry Hampton Huchison and on her own withfive children. In 1873 she became the second wife to Justice Wellington Seely and they had a daughter named Eva in 1874. Sarah Jane later, without a divorcement or remarriage, returned to her first husband Henry. In 1882 she sold this property to Oscar Anderson for $300.00. His family owned it until 1940, when it sold to Anna Meiling for $6,000.00. the home at that time was red brick with white trim. Current owners Terrel and Glenda Seely.

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287 North 100 West
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647



Sarah J. McKinney House