August Pearson House


This early Victorian residence was built by August and Mary Simpson Pearson in 1897, Its two, side-by-side, steep, front gables are distinctive, as are the brick bay windows and ornamental porches. The window are segmentally arched with brick trim. The home has 12-inch adobe walls with a veneer of cream brick. Inside is a parlor, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom. A central stairway leads to two upstairs bedrooms.

The Pearson’s were immigrants from Sweden who lived in a small home 300 feet west of this house during its construction. Milda Pearson Daniels, the youngest of three Pearson children, was born in this new family home in 1897. Mother Mary Pearson died in 1902. Eleven years later Mr. Pearson and the two younger children (Sherwood and Milda) moved to the Uintah Basin where they established a thriving ranching operation. The oldest daughter, Mable, used this Mt. Pleasant home as her primary residence until her death in 1983 at the age of 95.

The Pearson home, its three-acre lot and outbuildings were acquired by Milda Pearson’s oldest daughter, Virginia, and her husband Avard A. Rigby. The Rigbys have renovated and refurbished all of the structures, both inside and outside.

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310 West 500 North
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647



August Pearson House