W. D. Candland Home


This one-and-one-half-story brick home was built in 1904 by W.D. Candland. It is Victorian Eclectic in design. The round gazebo off the front porch is one of few in the county. Built of stone and brick, the ornamental porches, round-arched pared windows, fancy cornice trim and multiple roof shapes are Victorian. Sliding pine doors separate the living room and parlor. A hardwood graining was painted on the panels and casings. The solid oak fireplace was imported. The house has a interesting radiator heating system. A tunnel under the house goes from the outbuilding to the home cellar.

Mr. Candland moved to Sanpete in 1861. He met and married Annie Peel in 1885 and they had five children. Candland brought Rambouillet sheep to the intermountain west. In 1891, he was the Sanpete County Assessor and in 1896, represented the Ninth District, Sanpete County in the first Utah State Legislature. His political endeavors were many. In 1905, he was president of the State land Board; in 1918, chairman of Republican Party and mayor of Mt. Pleasant; and in 1922 he was elected to the Utah State Senate where he served sixteen years. Candland was instrumental in organizing the Mt. Pleasant Flour Mill, the Power Company and the Mt. Pleasant Livestock company. This home is now owned by local activist and preservationist, Monte Bona, who like Candland, was a Republican Party chairman.

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23 North 100 West
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647



W. D. Candland Home