Alma Staker Home


The Alma Staker house is influenced by Victorian Italianate design, as evident by its hip roof, slanted bat extension, broad front porch, classical trim, and recessed entry. The two-story, turn-of-the-century house is stately and well-preserved. The walls are reportedly of adobe. A fine wrought iron fence surrounds the yard.

The Staker family came from Ontario Canada. Nathan Staker, Alma’s father, had studied to be a Methodist minister but in the early 1830’s, was converted to Mormonism. The family moved with the Mormons to Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. Nathan’s wife, Jane Richmond, died of smallpox in 1852 as the family was preparing to move west. Nathan brought his family to Utah in 1853. In 1856, Alma Staker found his bride in Mt. Pleasant, a woman named Elizabeth Young. Alma bought the lot where the house now stands in 1870 but possibly could have been living on this lot much earlier.

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100 South 200 East
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647



Alma Staker Home