Claude Mickelson House


This one and one half story brick home was built c. 100-1905 in the Victorian Eclectic style, probably taking the plan from a house pattern-book. The cream colored brick dwelling has a corner porch, stone lintels, simplified classical trim and multiple roof massing and shapes, all Victorian design elements. The upstairs has three bedrooms and two smaller rooms. The main floor has one bedroom, living, room dining room, kitchen, utility room and bath.

Claude Mickelson and his wife lived here in 1910 and likely were the first occupants. In 1920, John and Vivian Larson purchased the home and raised three girls and a boy here. After their deaths, Murray and Norma Christianson bought the house in 1959. They raised two girls and a boy in this home, and have been living here for 38 years.

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55 North 100 West
Mayfield, UT 84643



Claude Mickelson House