Hall & Parlor Rock Home


The most common floor plan in pioneer times, aside from the one room or “single cell” cabin, was the two room, hall-parlor plan. This is a typical example. A central door leads to the largest room on the right. To the left is a smaller room with a chimney of stones above the dividing wall. The small-paned six over six windows are typical of the 1850’s and 1860’s, as are the wood lintels and sills and simple vernacular expression. The warm oolite stone is cut into long rectangular pieces, about the size of adobe blocks. The stone is laid with lime mortar in uniform courses.

Likely built in the 1860’s, this well preserved dwelling is typical of others built by the hundreds throughout the county in the early decades. Unfortunately, its story is unknown.

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593 N. 100 E.
Mayfield, UT 84643



Hall & Parlor Rock Home