Stevenson House


Built in 1887, the main house is constructed of thick adobe walls set on a foundation of temple rock and cement. Massive beams are found in the basement foundation. Due to the thick adobe construction, the main original house stays very cool in the summer and is easy to heat in the winter. Year markers for 1887 are cloated on both sides of the main house. The east side numbers are partially covered by the existing carport, but they can be clearly seen on the west side and indicate the year the house was built.

Reportedly this house served as a furniture store and mortuary. Caskets were built and stored in the basement; but so far, there are no report of ghosts in the house. Locals say the house was also a place where a man could ‘wet his whistle’ with strong liquids, indicating that it served at times as a bar or saloon. The home was purchased by Sharon and David Stevenson in 1984.

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56 W. 100 N.
Mayfield, UT 84643



Stevenson House