Andrew Michaelson Home


This handsome one-story limestone structure was built about 1886 by Andrew Niels and Sarah Michaelson. It is a long version of a hall-parlor plan with the central door being flanked by pairs of window. The warm-colored stone is cut in large, fairly smooth blocks. The full-width porch is original and had modest brackets and trim. Well-preserved and unaltered, this is a good example of the type of home built a century ago for small families. The house has stayed in the family all these years.

“I will tell you what I know,” said Ruth Jensen. “It belonged to Andrew Niels and Sarah Michaelson. They were married in 1874. Andrew and Sarah had a ranch out south of Mayfield, where they raised some sheep. There was a nice spring out there, later known as Sarah’s spring; but it was about thirteen miles one way. So, Sarah would walk to the spring and back, about 26 miles every day. Andrew went on a mission to Denmark in 1886 or 87. Sarah had five children, one born after Andrew left. When he returned in 1888, another child was born in 1889. Then Andrew died that year. So Sarah was left with six children and the ranch. One daughter, Lilly, lived with her until Sarah died. Then that daughter lived here until she died. Her son lived with her, then he passed away. And now I live here. That is all I know about it.”

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94 W. 100 S.
Mayfield, UT 84643



Andrew Michaelson Home