Arthur Anderson House


This house was built by Arthur Anderson in 1920. It is one of hundreds of bungalows of various designs that were built in Sanpete between 1905 and 1930. The gable end of the structure faces the street with a shingled and bracketed gable looming over a deep, full-width porch. The house is made of cream-colored brick walls that sit on a stone foundation. Two leaded-glass windows are original and create a prism for the early morning sunlight to make a delightful show of color; rainbows dance on the walls, carpet, furniture, even in children’s hands. The home is unaltered and well-preserved.

The upstairs was rented to single school teachers who taught at the Mayfield school. The bathtub, toilet, and wash basin were divided into separate rooms at the foot of the stairs on the ground floor; this way, they could better serve the family and renters. The homes high cut-stone foundation has kept the basement our of reach from rising swamp water created during the irrigation season. This cyclic flooding gave the area the nickname ‘Frog Hollar.’ In 1931, Clyde Whitlock purchased the house and lived here. In 1967, Doug and Mary Ann Bjerregaard became its present owners.

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111 North 100 West
Mayfield, UT 84643



Arthur Anderson House