Matts Anderson House


This home was built about 1897 by Matts and Johanna Anderson. It sits alone on a hill west of Sterling, likely placed for the view, which from every side of the house is magnificent. The house at one time had a wonderful roofed, gingerbread porch on the east. The orange brick for the home may have been produced in a brick yard near the foothills between Manti and Sterling. The house has a steeply-pitched roof, paired windows and a dormer over the front door. It remains well-preserved.

The Matts Anderson family were Swedish immigrants who acquired this farm west of Sterling in an area called Pettyville. They first lived in a log cabin east of the present house, where they had seven children. When their son John married, he commenced work on the big brick house that now stands. He was a good carpenter and supervised the work. The whole family helped with the construction. When the home was completed, the family happily moved from the log cabin into the larger home. At one time, there was a large orchard to the south of the house which provided many delicious apples, pears, and plums. The old levee ditch from the mountains filled a large cistern which sat just south of the house and provided culinary water for the residents. The house has changed hands many times and has been renovated by its various owners. The house is vacant and up for sale.

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96 East 100 South
Sterling, UT 84662



Matts Anderson House