Carl Ericson Home


This country Victorian home was built about 1889 by Carl Ericson. The home was built in sections. All indications of construction from inside the home show that each room was at one time an outside wall. Every door in the home can be locked and all the key locks are different, with thirteen keys total. The basement had seven-foot ceilings and the main floor ceilings are almost nine and a-half feet high. The home’s Victorian characteristics include its cross-wing plan and front porch, multiple roof shapes and ornamental trim in the front gable. The chimneys and exterior walls are cream brick on a stone foundation. The home retains its original appearance.

Carl Ericson was the Sanpete County Surveyor. An interesting feature is that the home was built like a puzzle, with each piece cut and numbered and then placed. The original concrete porch and post show innovative workmanship ahead of its time. The home remained in the Ericson family until 1982 but was not inhabited for 55 years. Lila Lee Christensen purchased and still owns the home. the interior of this well-built, charming home is in pristine condition with no warped wood or frames. Very little if any remodeling has been done. The original fir floors are refinished, but covered with carpet. The original bathroom fixtures and hardware remain intact.

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305 S. 200 E.
Gunnison, UT 84634



Carl Ericson Home