Bown Villa


One of Gunnison’s significant Victorian residences is this one known as “Bown Villa.” It was built in 1898 by Laffayette (Laff)Bown. Constructed of whitish brick, painted red, the house has many elements of Victorian Eclectic styling. These include an unusual if not unique double-roofed corner tower, a formal entry through a portico of pared columns, multiple roof forms, and a tall, stately, overall appearance.

The Laff Bown family lived here for many years. Laff raised sheep with his brother James, a wealthy sheep rancher who lived directly north of here. With thousands of sheep to tend, they hired other men to help. The hired hand named “Brooks” often disappeared for long periods of time with no explanation. It was later discovered that he was a bank robber, among other things. In those days, a large city canal ran in front of the house, where today the highway exists.

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132 North Main
Gunnison, UT 84634



Bown Villa