James Bown Home


Designed by an architect in Nephi (who also designed Bown Villa to the south), this home was built in 1899 for James Bown and his wife Florence Emma. The red sandstone came from a quarry near Fayette; the oolite rock foundation came from the same quarry used for the Manti Temple. This dark red brick was manufactured in Manti. Similar to its southerly neighbor but without a tower, this Victorian Eclectic house has a large portico and entrance hall, front parlor and dining room. The house originally was wired for carbide lights fueled by tanks in the attic; but Mr. Bown feared the fire potential and used gas lamps instead.

The Bowns raised 10,000 sheep on the open range in Utah, Idaho and Colorado; 200 head usually grazed on this lot behind the house. Sheep herders boarded here at the house, along with a “hired gun” named Brooks who protected the herds, reportedly “a large, frightening man with bad table manners.” Bown relatives often visited and Sunday dinners were a large affair. Mr. Bown helped organize the Gunnison Telephone Company and the Citizen’s Bank of Gunnison & Centerfield. The city canal ran in front of the house with a curved bridge across it. The Bowns raised their five daughters here and they all worked on the sheep ranch before going off to college. The house has stayed in the family and is now owned by Kent and Marie Sanders family.

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168 N. Main
Gunnison, UT 84634



James Bown Home