Christen Larsen Home


This home was built in 1880 by Christen Steffensen Larsen (1841-1920) and Mariane Pedersen Larsen (1842-1927) who emigrated from Hjoring, Denmark. Originally a two-room, hall-parlor house, the original front section is built of squared and coursed limestone. The back two rooms of adobe brick were added later. A large attic with an outside entrance was added above the rock portion but never finished. The outside walls of the house are one-foot thick. The adobe section originally had a kitchen with cold running water and a fireplace for cooking, later replaced by a coal cook-stove. Heat was provided by the cook-stove and a potbellied stove in the living room, but the bedrooms weren’t heated. The front part of the house has beautiful carved woodwork and foot-high mop-boards.
The Larsen farm originally occupied the entire block to the west of the house and half of the block to the south, where the barn and corrals stood. The family raised crops and cattle which they personally freighted north, taking a week to make one trip. At that time, there was no other way to transport goods. Mariane traded butter and eggs with the stores in exchange for other groceries. The Larsens had twelve children, four surviving to adulthood, all raised in this house. After Christen died in 1920 and Mariane in 1927, their son C.P. lived here by himself until 1941, when the property was deeded to his niece, Elodie Sorensen Westlund. The home is owned by the children Elodie and Carl Westlund, occupied today by LeRoy and Marlowe Westlund.

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Christen Larsen Home