Niels H. Borresen House-1864


This home has stone walls that are 2 feet thick. Constructed in 1864, this stone house is one of the oldest in Spring City. Until a few years ago, this was an undistinguished, forgotten stucco-covered house languishing behind the big trees in the yard. Architectural historian Peter Goss purchased the house, had the stucco removed and the underlying stone restored. The limestone walls are of various sizes of roughly shaped stone laid in irregular courses, a more rustic technique than that used in later stone buildings. A vernacular house,its trim is also simple and sparse. The front facade has three windows and two doors on the main level, a door and two windows on the second. All of these bays have been restored and painted period colors. The interior was also renovated and a compatible frame addition was made to the east side.

Borresen was born in Norway and ws an early settler of the town site. While serving as a Mormon missionary, he taught John A. Widtsoe who later became a church leader. Borresen passed the home to one of his daughters who lived in it after he died.

Niels was a veteran of the Black Hawk War and was imprisoned twice for practicing polygamy. The house was restored in 1994.

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197 South Main
Spring City, UT 84662



Niels H. Borresen House-1864