John Blain House-1880


Built in 1880 by John Blain (1850-1923), this one and one half story stone house is a fine example of domestic stone architecture and has a sensitively designed stone addition to the northwest. The central passage, central gabled house had limestone walls, a full-width front porch, small-paned windows and an original Greek Revival cornice. The addition, appropriately set back from the front plane of the main house, has similar features. The carefully renovated house is in very good condition.

John Blain was born in England and his family immigrated to Utah in 1863 after the death of his father. John farmed for Apostle Orson Hyde and soon owned acreage of his own. He built this comfortable residence himself, cutting and chiseling each block. Blain served on the City Council, drove the milk wagon and was the watermaster. He married and raised a large family in this home. In 1988, the house was purchased by Calvin and Rae Baxter who added the west wing using rock from the original quarry and are restoring the interior. A truly beautiful home even today.

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385 East 100 South
Spring City, UT 84662



John Blain House-1880