Mt. Pleasant Train Depot


Built for the arrival of the Denver-Rio Grande railroad in Sanpete County, this is the only remaining depot. Moved here from 500 West and Main Street, this on-story wood frame construction is Hudson River Gothic, an eastern style that spread across the country. It’s elegant combination of hip and gable roofs are typical of rural depots nation wide. The line began in Utah County and ran south through Sanpete and Sevier Counties to Piute County. The trains first run in Dec. 1890 was greeted by a welcoming ceremony at every town along the route, where bands played, crowds cheered, the whistle blew and the bell rang. The train crew stopped long enough to pose with locals for a picture. The coming of this train ushered in the modern era, ending fifty years of isolation is Sanpete.

The train carried travelers, the mail, newspapers and magazines, goods from mail-order catalog’s and sometimes the dead. Soldiers, missionaries and students returned home on the train.

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South of town on Hwy 89
Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647



Mt. Pleasant Train Depot Mt. Pleasant Train Depot