Frederick Christian Sorensen House


Built in 1870 by Fredrick Christian Sorenson, this one-and-one-half-story stuccoed adobe home is an example of Scandinavian "Pair House’ design. Although Scandinavians settled in Sanpete County in great numbers, examples of architecture clearly reflecting Scandinavian design influences are not numerous. The Sorenson House is a notable exception. Note the horizontal emphasis of the facade and, despite its symmetry, the division of the interior into three front rooms, as indicated by the two chimneys over the inside walls. The rear lean-to extension provides additional rooms. The home’s red pine beams and floor joists are still in good condition. Sorenson was an early convert to Mormonism from Denmark who raised his family in this house. In the kitchen a screened cupboard held milk, butter and cream. Eggs were stored in big crock jars filled with salt. A large bin held apples to eat in the evening. Beneath the house was a dirt cellar where vegetables and cured hams were stored. South of the house, an old livestock corral near the creek and huge cottonwood trees is still used for horses today.

The home is now owned by the Sorensen’s great granddaughter, Wanda Backman.

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62 East Center Street
Ephraim, UT 84627



Frederick Christian Sorensen House