Crawford/Dyreng Home


This massive, Victorian influenced, two story home was built in 1894 for Mr. and Mrs. James G. Crawford Jr. Designed by architect Kirkwood Cross of Provo. The varied massing of the house is highly detailed with ornamental stone and wood trim. A unique feature is an outside door in each room leading to an outside porch or veranda on both the main and upper floors of the residence. The oak staircase, stained glass windows, doors with etched glass, and most of the fireplaces are original to the home. The large, cupola topped barn behind was built at the same time as the home and housed farm animals as well as carriages and later cars.

Crawford was a successful sheep rancher. He hired men who worked on this home for ten cents an hour, ten hours a day for the sum of $1.00 per day. A man and his team were to be paid $2.00 for a 10 hour day of work. Only the finest material and workmanship were to be used in the building of the home. The structure is sound and in excellent condition. Following the death of the Crawfords, the home was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Ray P. Dyreng in the early 1930’s, at which time the Dyreng’s did extensive renovation. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Dyreng purchased the home in the 1970’s and remodeled it, retaining the basic structure and design. Many local social and cultural events have been hosted in this grand old home

The home has been in the Dyreng family since the 1930’s and is still used as a private residence.

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Crawford/Dyreng Home