Cox- Shomaker-Parry House


This house was built about 1858 and is still much the same as when it was built, with the original woodwork, windows, stonework and basement. The oolite stone walls are 20-24 inches thick. The interior walls are also stone and all floor joists and roof beams are of red pine logs. The full two story, six bay wide house has a classical front porch, sis over six windows and a simply trimmed, low pitched roof common to the Greek Revival era.

Three prominent Manti families lived here; an early Mormon colonizer, Orville Sutherland Cox, first owned the house. Jezereel Shomaker, an early mayor of Manti, bought it in 1861. Then, in 1879 Edward Parry, a stone mason from Wales moved into the house to supervise the stonework on the Manti Temple. The Parry family lived in the home for 80 years. They planted the large tree still growing in front. It is still a private residence.

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50 North 100 West
Manti, UT 84642



Cox- Shomaker-Parry House