Alfred Billings-Hougaard House


Built in 1855-1860, this home is an example of Utah folk/vernacular design and is one of the best surviving unsheathed adobe homes in the state. It has the two-room, central passage plan with a sleeping attic, common to Utah and the early American colonies. The one and one-half story design has half-height upper window and Greek Revival proportions and trim, and a classically-influenced, symmetrical front facade. Considering its age and wall material, it is especially well-preserved.

Alfred Billings came to Manti in 1849 as a convert to the LDS church. Rasmus Hougaard bought the house in about 1863. Hougaard was a wealthy farmer from Denmark, also a convert. He financially supported the passage of some 60or 70 Danish LDS converts to Utah. Rasmus and his sons made adobe bricks and built a kitchen on the back of the house. When Rasmus died in 1875, his son Louis acquired the house in 1890.

This pioneer home is now owned by John and Karen Russell. It has been restored and is practically unaltered from the original building. It is a private residence.

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300 North 100 East
Manti, UT 84642



Alfred Billings-Hougaard House