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Building requirements for commercial and residential projects. Sanpete County land use and subdivision ordinances, zoning map, and permit applications.

Address: 160 N Main, STE 201 Manti, UT 84642Phone: 435-835-2113   Fax: 835-2114
Planning Administrator: Devan FowlesBuilding Administrator: Tracey Christensen
Email: zoning@sanpetecountyutah.govEmail:
Office Hours: M – TH 7:00 – 6:00Planning Commission MembersMeetings



Before applying for a building permit you must first determine if your project requires a Wildland Interface Permit. Cabins, homes, and recreational properties located near the base of the mountain, on the benches, or on the mountain usually fall into this category. Please visit the Wildland Urban Interface page for more information and to view a map of the zone.


No building shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted, or demolished unless a permit for each project has been obtained from the Sanpete County Building Department. Failure to obtain the necessary permit prior to beginning work will result in an investigation fee being added to the cost of the permit fee. The investigation fee will be the same as the permit fee, and you will still be charged for the permit. (Double Fee)   Notice: Please verify water availability and requirements when purchasing residential building lots in unincorporated areas of Sanpete County.

A. Requirements for ALL Commercial and Residential Projects
B. Building Plans Checklist
C. Relocation of Existing Structures
D. Single Family Dwelling Checklists:
    1. Inside City Limits
    2. Unincorporated County
    3. Unincorportated County-Subdivision
E. Required Inspections & Rules

All checklist items must be submitted simultaneously for permit approval.


1. Single Family Dwelling 6. Agricultural Building 6. Building on Slopes NEW for 2019
2. Remodel/Addition 7. Owner/Builder Certification
3. Mobile/Manufactured Home   8. Police, Fire, & Ambulance Disclaimer
4. Commercial Building 9. Road Access Disclosure Form
5. Commercial Remodel 10. City Buffer Zone Application

City Zoning- download permit below:|

Centerfield 528-3296Ephraim 283-4631Fairview 427-3304
Fayette 528-3610Ft. Green 445-3453Gunnison 528-7969
Manti 835-2401Mayfield 528-3255Mt. Pleasant 462-2456
Moroni 436-8359Spring City 462-2244Spring City- Outside
Sterling 835-1799Wales 436-9345Area Code: (435)

Septic Tank Permits, Well Permits, Plat Maps and Legal Descriptions, County Road Department, Utah Department of Transportation, Rocky Mountain Power… More Information…

City Land Use Maps:

Fairview     Mt. Pleasant     Moroni    Manti     Gunnison     Centerfield     Ephraim

Agriculture Protection Area

What is an Agriculture Protection Area?
Agriculture Protection Area Map (east of Mt. Pleasant)

Wood Hollow Ordinance Boundary

Due to the flood hazard created by the 2012 Wood Hollow Fire, please contact the Zoning Administrator Scott Olsen and review the Wood Hollow Ordinance before doing any work or construction in the Wood Hollow area of Sanpete County.

Area Description
Starting from the west most point where the fire boundary intersects the northern Sanpete County Line near Highway 89, from that point extending East to Highway 89, then southeasterly following Highway 89 to the crossing of the San Pitch River just north of Fairview, then south along the San Pitch River to State Route 116, then west along Blue Hills Road to State Route 132, north westerly along State Route 132 to the Fountain Green City Limits, then along the East side of the Fountain Green City Limits back to State Route 132 to the intersection of the Water Hollow Loop Road, then north westerly along the unpaved road the parallels State Route 132 to the Water Hollow Road, then north easterly along the Water Hollow Road to where the road intersects the fire boundary, then along the fire boundary to the northern border of Sanpete County.


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