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Sanpete County Fair Celebrating over 100 years

Fairboard Chairman, Mike & Amanda Bennett; 435-851-7107; 435-851-7030

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Fairgrounds Pavilion


PAVILION & STAGE: The Pavilion can be use free of charge first-come, first-served.
PICNIC TABLES: 6 Large Tables (seat 12), 7 Small Tables (seat 6) TOTAL SEATING: 114

To reserve the pavilion for private groups/performances the fee is:

Summer Months (April-October)
$75/day with a $50 Refundable Cleaning Deposit- Restrooms Open
Winter Months (November- March)
$50/day with a $25 Refundable Cleaning Deposit- Restrooms Closed

Pavilion Contact: Marie Anderson, (435) 835-6581 or Email Mike at:

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