Bradley House


This home was built by Jeff and Ellen Bradley in about 1915. All the lumber for the home came from a family owned sawmill in Six-mile Canyon, including the siding and the shingles. The home originally rested northwest of its present site near Six-mile Creek. In the 1940’s Mrs. Bradley, then a widow, had the home moved to its present site. In order to move the home, it was necessary to cut the house in half. It was also necessary to cut the roof off just above the upstairs ceiling in order to get it under the power lines.

Merrit Bradley, a son of Jeff and Ellen, recalled a story. One day while his parents went to town, he and his brother were home alone when an Indian knocked at the kitchen door. He was probably just looking for food, but the boys were too frightened to answer, so they braced themselves against the door. The Indian went around to the front door so the boys rushed to the front and braced themselves again. Much to the relief of the boys, the Indian finally gave up and left. Clive and Kristy Young purchased the home in 1983 and have restored it with some modern updating, while retaining its original charm.

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41 N. 100 E.
Sterling, UT 84662



Bradley House