The Purpose of this blog is to highlight recreational experiences that visitors or residents have in the Sanpete Valley. Feel free to register and share your interesting Sanpete experiences with the world.

One Response to “About”

  1. It looks like my family and I will be able to start spending more time in Sanpete County.

    So far, we have enjoyed the top notch Fairview History and Art Museum, fun shopping along Hwy 89 and great eats at the Spring City Kitchen. (I know we need to start trying some of the other restaurants in Sanpete but I’m afraid to miss a great special at the SC Kitchen – like the delicious BBQ brisket I had last week!)

    Just being in the slower pace of life, smelling the clean mountain air and looking at the varied and beautiful scenery (and amazing historic homes) has been a real vacation from the Salt Lake Valley for me.

    I can’t wait to start exploring the nearby lakes and forests and enjoying the various festivals and art in the area.

    I hope the various “City Fathers” recognize that heritage, historic buildings and the rural beauty of this area are the geese that will lay the golden eggs for Sanpete. We don’t need another Wasatch Front. Keep up the great work!