Skyline Drive- Potters Pond Loop ATV Trail

I'd Rather be Playing! on July 15th, 2010

This week 5 of us took an ATV ride up Fairview Canyon, Utah on the Arapeen OHV Trail System.  We began the ride at the parking lot at mile marker 14 along highway 31.  We headed on trail #12 eastward past Huntington Reservoir, and then continued on trail #13 until we reached Miller’s Flat Road.  We turned south and rode past Miller’s Flat Reservoir until we reached the Potter’s Ponds turnoff.  The Miller’s flat road is really smooth and very scenic and enjoyable to ride.

From Potter’s Ponds we headed west back up to Skyline Drive.  This 7 mile section of the trail is fairly rough.  We passed a small mud slide that covered the road along the way, but it was easy to get around.

After reaching Skyline Drive, Trail #1, our group headed north to loop back to the parking lot along highway 31.  The trip was very scenic and enjoyable.  The trip is about 34-35 miles, and depending on stops, takes between 2-3 hours to ride.  There are several bathrooms along the way as well.