Flume Mt. Bike Trail

I'd Rather be Playing! on April 28th, 2009

Flume Trail- D. GordonI rode the Flume Mountain Bike Trail for the first time last week with a youth group.  I am not much of a mountain biker so I was very surprised at how fun the buy modvigil trail was to ride.  The trail starts about 1.2 miles past the end of the pavement up Ephraim Canyon.  If you are into exercise and don’t mind riding uphill, start your ride from town.  If you prefer downhill riding like me- drive to the trailhead.  (N39.33766 W111.52684, Elevation 6,637)

The trailhead begins by turning generic cialis right off of the main canyon road at an A-Frame cabin.  After following this road for about 250 yards, we came to an intersection with another road.  At this intersection there is a large pipe sticking vertically out of the ground next to an old canal.  I think the pipe is some kind of pressure reduction valve because water was spurting out from various holes.

We dropped off into the canal “flume” and follow buy modafinil the trail several miles until it eventually emerged from the Junipers and intersected with Bald Mountain road.  From this point it is just a 1/2 mile ride back to the main Ephraim canyon road.  The Flume trail is fairly steep so make sure your brakes work good.  We were fortunate enough to have only 2 bike wrecks out of our group.  One of course was while a boy was trying to go over a jump.  Here are pictures taken on the Flume Trail 5/13/09.

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