Snowmobiling Ephraim Canyon

I'd Rather be Playing! on March 2nd, 2009

The past two weekends of Snowmobiling up Ephraim canyon have been amazing.  My wife and I generic cialis went sledding with friends to some of the best places in the area.  The weather was beautiful and the snow condition was great!

Two weekends ago, after reaching the summit buy modafinilof the mountain,  we rode out wagon road ridge (N39.28672 W111.43902, Elevation 10,226′).  This ridge extents for miles to the east.  Just to the south of wagon road ridge, we dropped off into an area called Long Flat (N39.26076 W111.39544, Elevation 9,690′).   As soon as we descended my friend took off chasing a red fox.   It was much faster on the snow than my friend, and after a good chase, it eventually got away.

This past weekend the snow had settled and it was easier to climb steep hills.  After riding an area know as the Race Track (N39.29649 W111.46821, Elevation 10,203′) near Philadelphia Flat we headed buy modvigil south and dropped into an area know as Jolleys Hole (N39.28805 W111.47269, Elevation 10,030′).  It’s a fun place to ride… really!  Eventually we ended up near loggers lake, at the top of North Fork, for some final hill climbing (N39.27069 W111.46298, Elevation 10,237′).  It was here that my daring wife bruised her knee as she landed hard coming over a cornice.  She’s awesome!

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