Ice Fishing

I'd Rather be Playing! on February 28th, 2008

Ice Fishing Locations up Fairview Canyon:  Huntington Reservoir, Electric Lake, Cleveland Reservoir, and Scofield Reservoir.

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Indoor Climbing…a Poor Substitute!

I'd Rather be Playing! on February 28th, 2008

Last night I went climbing with a youth group on an indoor climbing wall. What a disappointment. It’s like drinking powdered milk instead of the real thing. I think back to last November when it was still warm enough to climb up Maple Canyon. Thanks to many dedicated rock climbers there are more bolted climbing routes than I can count in Maple Canyon.

A good place to get warmed up in Maple Canyon is called “The School Room”. It is right next to the Forest Service Campground. At the School Room there are various bolted routes from 5.4 to 5.10b in difficulty. It’s a good place for kids to climb because the conglomerate rock formations provide great hand and foot holds. Last fall we even persuaded my 65 year old dad to climb here for the first time. (I wonder if that is why he had back surgery this week?)

Anyway, Spring is coming and the snow will soon be gone in Maple Canyon. Until then I will have to be happy with powdered milk!

I’ll have to Wait!

I'd Rather be Playing! on February 28th, 2008

I was out in my garage the other day and there was my Honda ATV sitting idle. They only action it has seen in months is associated with the big snowplow hooked to the front. I think I have a bad case of “I hate Winter” syndrome. I need to feel the warm breeze and smell the fragrant mountain air as I ride through the aspen and pines along the Arapeen ATV Trail. They say the Arapeen has over 350 miles of trail.

Until the snow’s gone… I’ll just have to wait!

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U.S. Open Snowkite Masters

I'd Rather be Playing! on February 27th, 2008

Snowkite Masters

In its 4th winter, the US Snowkite Masters has grown to become a world wide series of events, hosting national titles in several different countries. This year the SKM has already hit France and Germany, with upcoming dates in Switzerland and the USA. Each location provides unique terrain and challenges for Snowkiters and invites riders of all abilities to rally together for a weekend of freeriding, racing and freestyle exhibition. Held at Skyline in Utah, the American leg of the Snowkite Masters presents the U.S. Open national championship, and has become one of the largest Snowkite events in the country. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Trip All Year!

I'd Rather be Playing! on February 27th, 2008

Yesterday’s snowmobile trip had to be the best ride of the year. My family headed up Ephraim Canyon before I got home from work so I had to ride fast to catch up. The road had just been groomed and only a few sleds had been up the road. I made it to Philadelphia Flat, the rendezvous point, in no time. My wife said “you must have driven fast because we just got here”.

Several inches of new snow fell over the weekend and made conditions great! Read the rest of this entry »