Skyline Snowmobile Map- Request one today!

I'd Rather be Playing! on January 21st, 2010

Snowmobile_MapThe Central Utah Skyline Snowmobile Map is now available at  The map is a 24″ x 36″color paper map and is free of charge.   The map highlights snowmobiling up Fairview, Ephraim, Manti, and 12-Mile Canyons.

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Snowmobiling in Central Utah

I'd Rather be Playing! on December 23rd, 2009

It’s official!  The 09-10 snowmobiling season has begun.  Over the past few weeks we have received lots of snow here in the Sanpete area.  Last Saturday my wife and I rode up Ephraim to check out the snow conditions.

The snow wasn’t very deep last weekend but is was very unstable.  As we rode I noticed 3 avalanche areas.  The largest was near Philadelphia Flat at an area know by local sledders as the “Super Monster”- a really fun place to hill climb.  The avalanche had  exposed the rocky hillside below.

Since yesterday morning, Tuesday 22nd, we have received lots of fluffy powder, which made it easy to shovel the drive with my ATV last night.  I am sure that avalanche danger will remain high through the weekend so please be careful if you plan to sled.  I also recommend wearing and avalanche beacon and carrying shovels and probes.

Trail grooming began up Ephraim and Mayfield (12-Mile) Canyons this week.  With this last storm, I hope they will begin grooming Manti and Fairview Canyons as well.

For more information about Snowmobiling in Central Utah, including snow depth and trail maps, visit:

A Ride with SuperTrax Magazine

I'd Rather be Playing! on January 28th, 2009

This Week Supertrax International Magazine came to Sanpete to check out the snowmobiling.  The Magazine is based in Ontario Canada and is one of the largest snowmobile magazines in North America.  Mike and Matt Lester, two brothers who work for the magazine, learned that riding deep powder in the mountains of Utah is a whole lot of fun.

We began our snowmobile trip at the buy modafinil mouth of Ephraim Canyon.  The canyon road is wide enough that most people park their vehicles on the shoulder and unload.  There were at least a dozen sledders that went riding together.  I think half of the machines were modified in one way or another to give them additional power. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Snowmobile Powder

I'd Rather be Playing! on April 14th, 2008

Friday after work I thought It was time to do a little Spring Snowmobiling. Last week was rather stormy and the mountain received lots of new powder. Because of the warm spring weather, I had to drive further up Ephraim Canyon before unloading my sled.

I rode up Ephraim Canyon and, to my surprise, found a good foot of new snow. The skies were blue and the view was great! I spend most of my time riding up and down a powder covered ridge. Most of the area had large cornices due to the heavy snow fall and the wind. If you are a cornice jumper you would have loved it! I stuck with the easier areas. Spring Snowmobile riding is great!

Bunny Hills or Black Diamond?

I'd Rather be Playing! on March 17th, 2008

My wife and I rode our snowmobiles up Ephraim Canyon on Saturday afternoon. I though the weather was going to be sunny but I guess I was mistaken. We rode up the canyon road to the “Meadows” and then on to “Philadelphia Flat”. To get on to Phili you have to climb a small hill that takes you from the road up to the top of the flat. Depending on how daring and how fast you drive, you can jump your sled when you come over the top. Since I am a beginner I climb the easier route, the cornice free area, and never make if completely off the ground when I come over the top. After playing a while it started to snow and we decided to head back home. The snow fall on the Manti-LaSal National Forest has been really good this year.

On the way down we stopped for a few minutes at “Bluebell” to watch a few guys do some “real” hill climbing. 40+ years ago Bluebell was a small ski resort with various runs down a steep side hill. In todays ski world, all of the runs would be classified as black diamond. I overheard one of the guys say he didn’t have his “turbo” turned up all the way……. I decided to pass on this hill climb so we headed home.