Casino Star Theatre, Gunnison

I'd Rather be Playing! on August 19th, 2008

So we showed up at the theatre at 7:30 a.m. on August 19. Lynn Pickett was there with his backhoe, delicately digging out the no-longer-needed oil tank for the recently removed 50-year-old furnace. While Lynn buy modafinil was working, Peterson Refrigeration and Mechanical’s workers (fifth-generation guys in the family business) arrived to begin the duct-work for the new air-control system. In the meantime, Rick Bodell came in to install beautiful acoustical panels, clad in a lush paisley fabric, while electrician Kim Madsen of Manti set about establishing updated wiring to power the air system. Read the rest of this entry »

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This Dragon Roars!

I'd Rather be Playing! on June 12th, 2008

Dragon PictureAt the south end of Gunnison, just where Heritage Highway 89 crosses the Sanpitch River, the Gunnison Riverwalk winds down from the road on both east and west sides, extending about three quarters of a mile in both directions. Along the walk, young trees are getting their roots down in expectation of a lovely wooded walk a few years hence. The biggest surprise, though, as you cross under the highway, is a 218-foot mosaic featuring the Sanpitch Dragon, a beautiful, colorful 110-foot benevolent monster created by volunteers from Gunnison Valley.

The Sanpitch Dragon is the largest outdoor mosaic in Utah and well worth a visit. Streetside parking is available on both sides of the street. When you stroll down under the bridge, you’ll hear this Dragon R-O-A-R!!!

Here’s a link to a preview: Dragon Picture

Paul Hart violins

I'd Rather be Playing! on May 22nd, 2008

I am very interested in artists and artisans with Utah roots. I was pleasantly surprised to find that an outstanding violin maker has a school and shop in Mt. Pleasant where he trains students in the art of violin making while concurrently making violins. Do you have any information on other artists and artisans who work relatively close to Utah County? I will be coming down for Spring City’s Heritage Days and would be very interested in visting shops and studios. I am a collector of sorts. If you can offer any suggestions, please do so in the next day or so. I will be in the area during Memorial Day Weekend?

By the way, are there any motels or bed and breakfast Inns who have special offers during the upcoming weekend?

Scandinavian Festival

I'd Rather be Playing! on April 29th, 2008

Scandinavial Heritage Festival

If you open the phone book in Sanpete you will find a lot of people with the same last name. For a small community this is significant. Your first reaction may be that “we are all related”, but this isn’t necessarily the case.The first pioneer settlement in Sanpete was the town of Manti in 1849. Over the next several decades thousands of Scandinavian immigrants came to the Sanpete Valley as converts to the LDS Church. Ephraim and Spring City have both been called “Little Denmark”. Thus, today the phone book is filled with the names of Anderson, Christensen, Peterson, Nielson, Johansen,….ETC… on and on, and with their variations in spelling. I looked in the phone book today and counted over 130 listings of families and businesses with the same last name as mine, and this did not include those with an alternate spelling. Aside from my parents and two uncles, none of us are related.

Nicknames have been very common in Sanpete just to distinguish families with the same last and sometimes even the same first name. Occasionally nicknames have been use so widespread that many people won’t know who you are talking about if you refer to a person by their ‘real’ name.

Because of the prominent Scandinavian heritage in Sanpete, every Memorial Day weekend Ephraim City has a Scandinavian Festival. The festival includes a:

  • Scandinavian Heritage Conference
  • Parade
  • Folk Dancers
  • Quilt Show
  • Ceramic Workshops
  • Craft/ Food Booths
  • Scandinavian Dinner
  • Historical Tour of Ephraim
  • 5 & 10K Fun Run

So if you have ancestry from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, or Iceland, you may want to check out the festival.

Scandinavian Festival Information

Have you seen a Movie at a Drive-In…EVER?

I'd Rather be Playing! on April 23rd, 2008

Photo by Grant SmithSpring is here and the Drive-In is open. I am sure most kids these days don’t even know what a drive-in movie theater is. I don’t suppose there are many of them left in the United States. My wife and I went to a chick flick at the Basin Drive-In in Mt. Pleasant. I admit that a guy film with lots of action would have been more entertaining, but the trip was fun anyways. Our evening began at Cavalier Pizza in Mt. Pleasant with an all you can eat soup and salad. We got the pizza to go and took it with us to the drive-in.

The best way to watch a movie at the drive-in is in the back of your pickup truck with either a sofa or a mattress. I recommend a sofa for teens! It gets a little chilly so remember to take blankets to snuggle under. To hear the movie all you do is tune your car stereo to 102.5FM. Unless you have a great stereo system in your vehicle, the sound isn’t as good as a regular cinema, but it is still fun. It’s a great activity for date night!

If you have never been to a drive-in, be sure to take your family at least once this Summer.